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Welcome to the progressively pop-heavy jazzfolk machine called Aquaplan.
Embrace the groove.

Deus ex machina.

Just when you thought you're in the clear, Aquaplan does it again. Brand new music still bending genres, harbouring criminally sweet harmonies, beating the eclectic beats into submission.

The new Aquaplan album called Old Waves New Seas is a step into the progressive direction from the 2003 critically acclaimed Paperimeri, but the giant musical puzzle remains, all the way from soothing musical landscapes to tight in-the-pocket grooves. Careful listening can reveal a myriad of aural flavours from this latest trick bag from Aquaplan.

Old Waves New Seas is going to be officially released by a concert happening Tuesday 27th November 2007, venue being the legendary 45 Special in Oulu, Finland. This will most probably be a sight for sore ears and music to your eyes. You're all welcome to check the Aquaplan action and celebrate the album release. More info here.

Aquaplan has claimed their space at Myspace. Feel free to drop by for a listening experience.

Our prog credentials are still intact.

Though we managed to fly under the DPRP radar with the previous AQ release, Paperimeri, fortunately the stealth mode didn't last: Geoff Feakes of DPRP (Dutch Progressive Rock Page) fame graded the new Aquaplan release at 7.5 out of 10 in his recent review of Old Waves New Seas. He stated that our "prog credentials are certainly intact by virtue of the excellent musicianship, thoughtful song writing and intelligent arrangements."
OWNS in a nutshell by DPRP:

  • razor sharp playing
  • crisp drumming
  • melodic neo-prog style friendliness
  • restrained but masterful bass and acoustic guitar solos
  • outstanding fretless bass contribution
  • crystalline production
  • Powerpoint slides available at request, if you need to do a presentation for your friends or family. We're also happy to deliver aesthetic pleasures in the form of the OWNS digipack sleeve, which DPRP experienced as "a sheer delight".

    Oh and one more thing - Suti "shines" while doing "ridiculously fast guitar runs". We wear appropriate eye protection at rehearsals.

    The first was very good and this one is better.

    This is the verdict from progressive rock & fusion eldorado on the internet, Proggnosis. Their Jan 2008 review of Old Waves New Seas rests the case by pointing out the "exquisite vocals of Maarit Saarenkunnas" and that Suti can shred it out. We have no further complaints and would like to emphasize that while we "do sometimes shift to jazz", being mentioned in the same sentence with Marillion feels pretty OK to us.
    "Old Waves New Seas is a highly recommended CD by this reviewer. Fans of Hogarth led Marillion and of October Project are sure to enjoy Aquaplan."
    Proggy waters.

    Proggy waters for Aquaplan, predicts the prog site extraordinaire, Sea of Tranquility, in their recent review of Old waves new seas.

    The solid bottom end of Aquaplan attracted them enough to wax about our bass-meister Ville Veijalainen: "...this guy is a monster player folks, but knows how to show restraint and step out when needed..." plus Suti's "amazing Frank Zappa inspired guitar solos" were also mentioned.

    No news to us, the main attraction according to the review was "the silky smooth vocals of Maarit Saarenkunnas" which are "soothing in a jazzy/folky sort of way, perfectly fitting the laid back nature of these songs."

    We tend to agree with the ending statement of the Sea of Tranquility review: "Fans of folky & jazzy prog rock should dig this quite a bit."

    Surf's up!

    Same old waves making noise at the new seas. Have it coming your way by getting the latest Aquaplan release on CD at the www.puucd.com cyberstore or Jukeboxshop.net webshop. Order now! Be the Aquaplan fan you can be!

    Splashin' around the world.

    Paperimeri is making waves at the Sea of Tranquility, a website from upstate New York "publishing up to the minute prog, metal, and fusion news, as well as in-depth concert reviews". The 4-out-of-5-stars review from May 2005 states that Paperimeri "is a very accessible debut CD that should appeal to fans of Iona, Mostly Autumn, Renaissance, and Clannad". Other bits of insight from Steve Ambrosius' review:
    "This song (Syli) could be on any Clannad CD and you wouldn't notice that it is Finnish instead of Gaelic"

    "Aquaplan is a very talented band that will be interesting to follow"
    EPRRiciate this? We do.

    UK-based web-zine European Progressive Rock Reviews (EPRR) has expressed their thoughts about Paperimeri CD in an enthusiastic review:
    "this is a classic band in the making...this album is a pure treasure to listen to and should not be missed by all fans of the genre...a debut album from a band that instantly makes it into EPRR's Hall Of Fame."
    In addition to Aquaplan, EPRR's Hall of Fame includes artists and bands like Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd, Marillion and Jethro Tull.

    Around the world. The music without frontiers.

    ...is the slogan of this brazilian Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal internet zine, which has reviewed Paperimeri. Apparently, Aquaplan music blends well with caipirinhas and those voluptuous samba dancers, since Carlos Vas writes:
    "Finland was the land of fantastic Progressive Rock in the 70's as: "Wigwam" and "Tasavallan President", may be them very known from all progressive lovers around the world, but now appear new references as Aquaplan...there is something special on this band who I think no other group has...brilliant and amazing an indispensable work, highly recommendable..."

    ProGGnosis: highly recommended!

    The international progressive rock & fusion website ProGGnosis has reviewed Paperimeri:
    "In conclusion, "Paperimeri" is a great CD of prog-related pop music and it fits very nicely in my collection of preferred albums. Highly recommended."